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John Vanek

Task Force Leadership

John Vanek is a leadership, collaboration, and anti-human trafficking consultant and speaker working with law enforcement agencies, non-governmental and community-based organizations, academic institutions and private sector companies. John served 25 years with the San Jose Police Department (retiring in the rank of lieutenant), holds a Master of Arts in Leadership, and is an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

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Collaboration takes skills, demands integrity and, most importantly, the ability to get along with supporters and rivals
Isn’t it ironic that in a profession where we pride ourselves on our ability to see through a criminal offender’s lies and deceit, some leaders believe we can’t see through theirs?
There is only one way to truly know what others think of your leadership practices — ask them!
21st century leadership differs from leadership practices of the past, and some of the terms associated with it are misunderstood
A leader who is open to ideas from peers and subordinates will always be a more effective leader than the person who believes they already know enough and can make decisions on their own
Twitter should be appreciated as a tool to quickly and concisely relay useful information on important topics — it costs nothing, requires only a few minutes each day, and can pay tremendous dividends
As our nation struggles with the current uneasy state of police-community relations, police officers — and police leaders — who can instill community trust through their personal integrity are valuable assets
Any person in (or seeking) a position of leadership must develop the ability to do collaborative work — this is becoming an increasingly more important aspect of leadership
Effective leadership in times of crisis will not only help navigate difficult times, but can actually enhance respect between the community and your agency