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The spread of rumors within police departments compromises investigations and shatters morale
Leaders should be alarmed by this data, which indicates widespread issues affecting morale irrespective of location, suggesting systemic problems within departments
At the March of the Living, police officers engage in a profound journey through history to instill a deeper understanding of the consequences of unchecked hate and the importance of empathy and respect in modern policing
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The off-duty Pasco Police Department officers witnessed the crash and pursued the suspect while in Spokane for a leadership conference
A Sutter County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s father works as the training manager for the department, while a corrections lieutenant’s son works his way through the academy
Unlike a physical injury, a mental traumatic injury can happen almost daily
Dive into a curated collection of must-read public safety books, from thrilling accounts and leadership lessons from the front lines, to read-aloud children’s favorites
By prioritizing their own health, leaders strengthen their ability to support and sustain the wellness of their team
This seasoned police veteran and aspiring congresswoman outlines her vision for restoring and enhancing public safety and law enforcement support
By reexamining how their internal organization functions, agencies can empower personnel, optimize resource allocation, and create a culture of innovation and agility
Assistant Chief Scott Wahl is a 26-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department; he will take over as chief in June
The announcement comes as the department continues investigations into the dropping of 264,000 incident reports because of “lack of personnel”
Learn how mental agility helps leaders adapt to change, overcome challenges and turn adverse situations into positive outcomes
Sheriff Scott Rose of the Officer Down Memorial podcast discusses the unseen burdens of law enforcement careers, the importance of mental health resources, and his efforts to ensure fallen officers are remembered
When good people get involved in high-risk, low-frequency events, you are much more likely to make a mistake; listen to learn why ongoing training is key for responders
Risk management expert Gordon Graham details how to combat the five reasons mistakes are made in public safety
The sold-out event attracted over 700 attendees and featured dozens of sessions focusing on crime prevention, community relations and professional development
Learn about the crucial need to grasp and transform paradigms, emphasizing persistent effort in cultivating habits that strengthen leadership abilities
Explain with confidence, but not bravado, that you are the candidate the agency is looking for
Exploring the innovative training methods designed to equip middle managers with effective leadership strategies
Lt. Dan Marcou highlights how leadership is demonstrated through both actions and words
Most agencies conduct exit interviews when employees leave, but why wait until someone quits?
Feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction, with many planning to leave their positions and hesitating to recommend law enforcement as a career choice
Albany Police Chief Marcia Harnden faced many challenges when she stepped into the role, including employee discipline, high-profile uses of force and staffing shortages
Should leadership styles change when leading peers?
Through a unique blend of mentorship, wellness and community engagement, Dayton PD’s program equips recruits with the tools to thrive in their careers
The initiative offers specialized leadership training aimed at empowering first responders with the skills to lead effectively in high-stakes environments
As law enforcement agencies face a dual crisis of attracting new recruits and retaining seasoned officers, the sharing of real-world experiences and strategies is vital