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Dr. Richard Weinblatt

Weinblatt’s Tips

Richard B. Weinblatt has a vast background in media relations and in law enforcement. His column will help you understand how to deal with the media, how to communicate with them so they feel comfortable dealing you and your agency, and how to tell your story so it plays well on TV or in your local newspaper.

If you’re on the hunt for creative way to toss away that great career in law enforcement, I’ve got the answer for you: Be irresponsible and reckless in your use of social media
In addition to stopping or impeding civil tort claims, these same tips will also help you in court with your criminal case prosecutions
Much like having an excellent credit score at the credit reporting firms, a good online reputation can smooth the path for a badge bearer
The most effective teachers are those who can balance thought-provoking academic theories with compelling real-life experiences
Misuse of social media by police officers can get you fired – follow these tips to avoid that possibility