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PenLink revolutionizes digital intelligence with new generative AI platform

Company unveils solution to simplify complex investigative challenges

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WASHINGTON — PenLink, the foremost authority in AI-powered digital intelligence and open-source intelligence for the law enforcement, national security and defense sectors, introduced today its latest advancement in generative AI technology – the groundbreaking CoAnalyst™ platform.

In an era where digital intelligence plays a critical role in investigative operations, the demand for advanced, intuitive technologies is significant. There is an unmet need for platforms that leverage generative AI to simplify complex investigations and operations, saving time and creating efficiencies. New, disruptive generative AI technologies can help analysts perform complex tasks in ways that save time and uncover deeper insights from the data.

Because of that need, PenLink is proud to introduce CoAnalyst, a cutting-edge generative AI solution tailored for the specialized needs of the public sector and private organizations’ security teams. It combines a sophisticated AI engine with robust data processing capabilities to understand and analyze complex queries. It uses intuitive natural language inputs to swiftly search and analyze data, streamlining investigations and operations.

“We have always harnessed the latest AI technologies in our software platform,” said Udi Levy, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at PenLink. “In recent years, we’ve witnessed a rapid AI evolution, shifting from descriptive AI to generative AI, from classification to creation. After significant investment in research and development with large language models, we’re introducing CoAnalyst.”

CoAnalyst is designed to partner with analysts and investigators, engaging with their data to develop analytical insights with quick precision. The solution can scale to meet growing data demands while maintaining high performance. Its advanced capabilities leverage PenLink’s digital intelligence platform, which already ingests data from structured and unstructured sources such as web content, digital information, documents and forensics data. Now, with CoAnalyst, digital analytics are revolutionized. The solution provides deep insights, recognizes hidden patterns, finds data anomalies and conducts risk assessments.

“As the world becomes more connected, and the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, public sector organizations need new digital tools to make better informed decisions. PenLink’s CoAnalyst is such a tool.” said Kirk Arthur, Worldwide Government Solutions Lead at Microsoft. “By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure Services, CoAnalyst allows for vast amounts of data to be reviewed and analyzed at the speed of thought.”

“This AI-powered analytics platform will transform digital intelligence and signifies a new era for investigative technology,” said Peter Weber, Chief Executive Officer at PenLink. “We are proud to release CoAnalyst into the market at a time when generative AI will transform the way investigators and analysts work. This extends our commitment to help them be more efficient, maximizing resources and investments in technology.” For more information about PenLink, visit