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Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence topic provides information on the role of artificial intelligence in law enforcement. This section features the latest news on how police departments are using artificial intelligence; insights into the ways that artificial intelligence aids in crime prediction, surveillance and data analysis; and details on how artificial intelligence can streamline police operations.

Deputy Chief John McMahon discusses the LAPD’s adoption of advanced technologies, aiming to boost efficiency, improve community interaction and address the policing challenges of tomorrow
Your response will help in charting the course for the future use of AI technologies in policing
Agencies must embrace cutting-edge technology to expedite information sharing and streamline data collection to obtain mission-critical insights
Neuralink, a neurotechnology firm owned by Elon Musk that specializes in the development of implantable brain-machine interfaces, has conducted its first human trial
Jonathan Wender, Ph.D., discusses the impact of TrustStat AI on police work and community interactions
Advanced intelligence now accessible to command staff and uniformed police officers
Mission Critical Partners provides insights into the state of eight areas of the public safety market based on assessment data and anecdotal evidence
My fear is that a month or maybe a year from now, some scandal will arise when it comes out that officers in an agency have been using AI in their court submissions
The washable shirt can go under a uniform or vest
Gorilla’s Smart Policing Solution helped secure convictions in recent murder case of Susan Hawkey in Neasden
Fort Lee (N.J.) Police Department modernizes its automatic license plate recognition technology