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Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence topic provides information on the role of artificial intelligence in law enforcement. This section features the latest news on how police departments are using artificial intelligence; insights into the ways that artificial intelligence aids in crime prediction, surveillance and data analysis; and details on how artificial intelligence can streamline police operations.

Leveraging AI tools, PIOs can disseminate information more effectively, monitor social media, and manage crises with unprecedented efficiency
While AI tools offer significant benefits in crime prevention and response, they also raise important ethical and operational concerns
Former-CIA agent starts non-profit to equip LEOs with real-time human trafficking intel — for free!
“We are offering expanded access to our AI-powered virtual investigator for non-emergency reporting...This broader compatibility is part of our continued commitment to delivering innovative tools that complement the work that public safety agencies do,” said Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Chief Product Officer of Versaterm
With Prepared’s technology, iPhone users can share live video during an Emergency SOS call; dispatchers can also share data with first responders while they’re en route
Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve investigations
Streamlined reporting means officers can produce more accurate narratives in less time
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office unit will focus on obtaining advanced training and tools to assist in investigations of cyber harassment, identity theft and other cybercrimes
Police leaders must have a clear strategy that includes stakeholder engagement, training and communication before integrating AI into their operations
Company unveils solution to simplify complex investigative challenges
Learn how AI technology is revolutionizing law enforcement
Dive into a dynamic conversation on the potential and pitfalls of AI in law enforcement, exploring real-world applications, ethical dilemmas and the future of smart policing technologies
The headquarters will be led by former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Executive, Dr. Joseph J. Lestrange as Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of North America
Condor is powered by advanced AI and ML that is constantly learning, with cutting-edge video analytics to adapt to changing needs
As AI technology evolves, law enforcement faces new challenges in distinguishing real from AI-generated content; this complexity is reshaping investigative methods and legal frameworks
How to build a culture of innovation, ensure ethical use of technology, and invest in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future
Flock Safety’s suite of hardware and software solutions help solve over 10 percent of reported crimes nationwide, with the goal of solving 20 percent of crimes by 2025
Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said Clearview AI helped identify a suspected child pornographer from a background photo at a trade show
Law enforcement agencies must understand the potential pitfalls and mitigate them with policy, training and ethical guidelines
New approaches and technologies can improve both safety and services
A man is suspected of forging an audio clip implying the principal was frustrated with Black students’ test-taking abilities; the recording put the principal’s family at “significant risk,” police say
The plethora of digital evidence available to law enforcement is bringing actionable insights to investigations and strengthening cases for prosecution, but it must be managed with care
“Harnessing the power of AI will prove to be one of the most impactful technological advancements of our time to help scale police work,” said Axon founder Rick Smith
Create efficiencies by using AI and machine learning to help uncover relevant information, enrich data and surface connections that lead to more informed decisions, faster
“Instances of locating and finding at-risk children or simply monitoring traffic flow is more achievable than ever before with ClearView Smart Towers and IvedaAI working in tandem,” said Lance Thomas, President of ClearView Asset Protection
How AI and civilian analysts can help law enforcement deal with staffing issues
New technologies will revolutionize how we do our jobs
We are at the dawn of a new era for law enforcement, fueled by the responsible use of artificial intelligence