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Automated Field Reporting

Advancement enabling innovation
To do more with less, agencies are turning to mobile tools to gain efficiency, enable transparency and make informed decisions
A mobile-based solution combining citation and accident reporting speeds roadside tasks for officer safety and makes reporting and analysis more efficient
An in-depth look at how FTK 8 can help your investigations
To meet the evolving needs of law enforcement, a CAD/RMS platform must be customizable, user-friendly and cloud-based
Paperwork consumes officer hours that could be better spent protecting the public and solving crimes
Learn how smart technology can help increase officer safety, productivity and community visibility while minimizing costs
Mobilize your department with mobile dictation tools and increase in-field reporting efficiency, recruiting and safety
Nuance’s speech recognition solution uses law enforcement lingo, adapts to accents and reduces noise to help officers create incident reports with accuracy, speed and safety