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Webinar: Transforming police reporting with speech recognition technology

Learn how smart technology can help increase officer safety, productivity and community visibility while minimizing costs


Speech recognition technology can transform in-field incident reporting.


Sponsored by Nuance Communications

An exceeding number of police departments and law enforcement agencies, whose officers spend upwards of four hours a day completing incident reports and other time-sensitive paperwork*, are turning to smarter tools, such as speech recognition solutions, to help transform their police reporting workflows.

Register to watch this on-demand webinar to hear why these law enforcement professionals are embracing smarter tools to complete higher-quality reports and move mission-critical information within the CAD/RMS faster and more efficiently – all by voice.

This discussion will provide you with an understanding of:

  • What law enforcement has to say about current reporting processes.
  • Why officers – especially recruits – want smarter tools to help with police paperwork.
  • Why manual reporting has a negative impact on report accuracy and productivity and can hinder criminal proceedings.
  • How departments can speed data entry within the CAD/RMS and move mission-critical information more accurately and efficiently.
  • How speech recognition technology can help increase officer safety and improve situational awareness and productivity on patrol.
  • How embracing smarter technology increases community visibility and minimizes costs.

Learn how your department can make incident reporting faster, safer and more complete by registering for the Transforming Police Reporting with Speech Recognition Technology webinar today.

*Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Survey

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