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On-demand webinar: How emerging technology will impact law enforcement operations

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Advancements in technologies have enabled police agencies to find innovative ways to leverage new technologies as tools for increasing effectiveness and improving officer safety. With the right pairing of mobility and data communication technologies, law enforcement officers can have better situational awareness, more automated workflows, and safer interactions with the public. Learn how 5G enabled devices, with operating systems like Windows Pro are advancing law enforcement operations.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why are mobile devices and data communications an important part of law enforcement operations?
  • How will 5G cellular networks impact technology use in law enforcement?
  • Common challenges and issues that mobility solutions, enabled by 5G, addresses in law enforcement.
  • Top industry learnings and best practices in this area.


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L - R: Scott Thie, Rob Karsch, Eric Hilton

Scott Thie has over 25 years of experience solving technology challenges for public safety agencies and many other government customers. He has worked at various well-known public safety focused IT organizations, and has a keen understanding of the unique technology requirements law enforcement personnel have, as well as how to solve for the challenges they face on the job every day. He serves as a public safety subject matter expert at Zebra Technologies and currently leads their state and local government sales team.

With nearly 40-years of Public Safety experience, Rob Karsch began his career in Law Enforcement as a Patrolman, and quickly rose through the ranks serving as Sergeant, Lieutenant, and as Patrol Commander for the Bristol, Rhode Island (RI) Police Department. After 20 years of service, he retired and focused his industry knowledge and experience on working to advance and improve technology solutions for Public Safety. He has worked for IT companies such as Xplore Technologies, as a Senior Systems Consultant, and at Motion Computing, as Senior Solutions Architect. He now works as a Senior Sales Engineer in the Government division of Zebra Technologies. In this role, he serves as a subject matter expert for Zebra’s entire Public Safety portfolio. He also serves as a member of the Bristol, RI Volunteer Fire Department, where he served as an EMT in the Cardiac Unit and as a Captain of the all-volunteer Rescue Squad where he oversaw the integration into a two-level response agency with paid paramedics, making Bristol the first community in RI to provide paramedic level Advanced Life Support Services.

Eric Hilton is a NA Regional Portfolio Manager (RPM) for Zebra Technologies, supporting strategy for Zebra’s Public Safety and entire Mobile Computing Portfolio. As an RPM, Eric focuses on driving new product adoption and captures customer and industry feedback to help steer Zebra’s next generation portfolio strategy. Eric began his tenure with Zebra as a Sales Engineer, focusing on the needs of customers who work in the field. Prior to joining Zebra, Eric spent 8 years building custom equipment for domestic and international manufacturers.