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For more than 25 years, Cybergenetics TrueAllele® technology has helped interpret complex DNA evidence for law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Investigators use Cybergenetics DNA interpretation services to solve crimes as TrueAllele can unmix “impossible” DNA mixtures. Our free screening can turn a lab’s “inconclusive” DNA data into informative results. TrueAllele results have been provided in more than 1,200 cases, and used in court testimony and plea bargains.

TrueAllele interprets complex DNA evidence data including “uninterpretable” mixtures, DNA mixtures from family members, low level, degraded, and touch DNA evidence. TrueAllele can compare evidence to evidence, as well as evidence to reference samples. Developed by Cybergenetics as the first probabilistic genotyping system, TrueAllele has been validated to separate mixtures of up to 10 unknown contributors, including DNA mixtures from cold cases, handguns, shell casings, and other complex evidence.
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