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2017 guide to emerging technologies

This special report focuses on emerging technologies in law enforcement today. From crafting policy to tactical considerations, this series of articles features expert analysis on soundwave technology, facial recognition software, handheld narcotics analyzers, the future of traffic stops, how constitutional law impacts the collection of data for investigations, and how advancements in biometric technologies will help improve correctional facilities.

Four experts on the frontline of law enforcement technology tell us what to expect 15 years out
These devices dramatically cut drug testing costs
Law enforcement might consider using discretion before a court decides whether police need a warrant to scan someone’s face
All police officers know that no traffic stop is routine, but the procedure could evolve with new technological advancements
Biometric technologies have already helped facilities improve offender identification and have the potential to improve efficiency for employee access authentication
Fourth Amendment rights are no less impacted by emerging technologies, but standard legal understandings of what information will now be considered private versus public is undergoing new consideration
Long Range Acoustic Devices are being embraced by law enforcement agencies as a powerful and versatile instrument of communication