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Capt. Greg Meyer (ret.)

Less Lethal Issues in Law Enforcement

Greg Meyer, a retired Captain from the Los Angeles Police Department, served for 30 years, including eight years as a commanding officer. Greg is a member of PERF and IACP. He holds the Certified Litigation Specialist credential of the Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE), and is and is a member of the AELE faculty advisory committee. He was an expert witness during the Rodney King federal civil trial, and he was a consultant for the defense during the sentencing phase of the criminal trial.

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Most of the killings tragically involve a definable list of deadly tactical errors
By taking all available time to assemble a number of officers in non-emergency cases, understanding why TASERs “fail,” reconsidering the use of the drive-stun, and knowing when immediate action is the best course of action, we can improve our use of nonlethal weapons
When and how to use your ECD is determined by factual context — but heart effects might be fiction
New studies that have recently been released offer new insights into medical impacts
Properly deployed TASER probes will provide instant neuromuscular incapacitation — drive-stun is a pain-compliance tool, not an incapacitator in most circumstances
You need to be constantly on the alert that the negotiation can break down at any second and become violent, perhaps necessitating a deadly force response
The Police Executive Research Forum’s 2005 guidelines were well-intentioned, but became contentious in litigation