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14 awesome photos of police animal rescues

These are seriously adorable.

By Joseph McCue

Firefighters aren’t the only ones to come to animals’ aid. When an animal is in trouble, police officers will do what they can to help. After all, officers are sworn to protect their communities, and this doesn’t only include humans. Check out these adorable animal rescues.

1. This sloth who found himself stuck on the highway.


2. And this escaped goat who had a taste for police cars.

police animal rescues, goat licks police car (Photo/Imgur)

3. This duck family who got assistance crossing the road.

police animal rescues, ducks crossing street (Photo/9gag)

4. This swan who is in good hands now.

police animal rescues, swan (Photo/Imgur)

5. This motherless kitten and her siblings who were found by police.

police animal rescues, kittens (Photo/Imgur)

6. And this injured owl who was found on the side of the highway.

police animal rescues, injured owl found on highway (Photo/Imgur)

7. This dog who was left on a back door step.


8. This fawn who got separated from his mother.

police animal rescues, fawn (Photo/Imgur)

9. This swan family that was personally escorted to the sea.

police animal rescues, finland swans (Photo/Imgur)

10. This koala who was causing a traffic jam on the highway.

police animal rescues, koala blocks highway (Photo/Imgur)

11. This eagle who was injured defending America.

police animal rescues, police chasing chicken (Photo/Imgur)

12. This puppy who was trapped in culvert


13. How could we forget this kitty saved by an officer


14. And this curious skunk who got his head stuck in a yogurt container.

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