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Search and Rescue

The court determines the permissibility of a warrant that allowed for the search of a cloud account with no time limitation
New technology could provide vital information during breaching operations, trafficking searches, or hostage situations
The court rules that the officers had no reasonable suspicion to conduct a Terry frisk in this recent case
“It is without a doubt the swift response by our patrol officers saved the lives of these children,” the West Haven Police Department stated
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Atlantic City police Officer Riley Flynn’s body-worn camera shows him arriving at the home while on patrol, kicking in a door and going inside to bring every one out safely
Newest addition to Fluid Watercraft brings extensive LEO experience
Many of Gerber’s most popular knives and multi-tools for on- or off-duty everyday carry are on sale
“Enjoy the sunshine, NYC. We have the Watch,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry stated via X
The child and his mother had been held hostage by the mother’s ex-boyfriend for several hours before the police standoff began
“Any time you take your kids to a crowded location, [take] a photo of them in their current outfits so if...your child is lost they can be located,” the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said
“There was an oncoming train rapidly approaching the station,” the NYPD tweeted. “Officers sprang into action and without hesitation pulled him off the tracks”
Video shows Sarasota PD Officer Michael Skinner using his boat to push the runaway boat into a sea wall before climbing in, cutting the engine and rendering aid to the man
“This is a friendly dog, he found you! We’re gonna get you home, OK?” Greenwood Village Police Department Officer Austin Speer told the woman
The home shown in the Houston Police officer’s body camera video is almost completely submerged in murky water
“We’re right here! We’re not going anywhere!” officers with the Emergency Services Unit assured the woman
“I wasn’t letting Eli out of my sight,” Officer Ashley Bergersen. “So when I put him on that gurney, I knew I was with him until they told me to go home”
Trooper Tanner Harrison rescued a child, who was unresponsive after falling into a pond, by providing first aid until they regained a pulse
Someone acting nervous or attempting to hide can still be “relevant context” for officers, but those actions alone do not constitute “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity,” the Court ruled
“As soon as we heard the first kind of cry, a little cry or sigh, I was just kind of like, oh man, I’m glad that [he’s] breathing now,” Sergeant Michael Filandro said
Retired South Bend Police Lt. Gene Eyster knew the boy as “Baby Jesus,” because he was found days before Christmas
“… The actions of those who pulled this motorist from the burning car demonstrates the importance...of people throughout Minnesota looking out for each other,” Lt. Jill Frankfurth stated
St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Betsinger fell from the boat when it hit a rogue wave; Kyle Purvis, Cody King and Brandon Keller pulled him from the water
The court stated that using the suspect’s thumbprint required no mental exertion on his part and fell into the same category as a blood test taken at booking
“There’s no training scenario I’ve been through to just run into a lake, but I know that if it was my family or my daughter, that’s what I’d be doing. Just going in there — it’s just an instinct,” Tacoma Officer Steve O’Neal said
Troopers manned a hoseline to fight a well-advanced house fire
The man had fallen 50 to 60 feet from a trail in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said
Detective Michael Harton, who is also trained as an EMT, performed life-saving measures on baby “Tooka” when she stopped breathing; he has maintained a relationship with her family ever since
Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey, Mississippi, Florida and New York helped the ASPCA rescue the animals