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So, you want to become a police officer? Good news, you’ve come to the right place.

This Police1 special series breaks down everything prospective cops need to know – from finding the right agency and making it through the application process, to entering the police academy and ultimately starting your first day on the force.

We’ve also included information for officers looking to advance their careers into fields like investigations, SWAT and police leadership.

The event is designed to provide potential recruits with tips and advice to help them pass the department’s physical agility test – the single most common stumbling block for female recruits
Your nametag, department patch and badge are the most important aspects of your uniforms and represent much more than metal and fabric
There will be both ups and downs, but you will meet incredible people and work with some of the best folks on the planet
Regardless of your interest, there is an organization ready to help you succeed
You don’t know me, but I was once you. Whoever you are, I know what you’re worried about.
The more you work on you, the better a police officer you will be for the public
True investigations are concluded primarily upon tried and true methods that have been in use for decades
“Women bring an intelligence and compassion side to the job, and an ability to engage with the community, that make them excellent police officers.”
The book details what it is like to manage life and death situations and the toll it takes on cops like Minneapolis officer Donnell Crayton
More than 30 girls received hands-on instruction and learned how to use equipment that police and fire use every day
After scoring three viral hits with “Star Wars” productions, the agency is now taking an approach more akin to a used car dealership