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Police K-9 Magazine is the only national publication dedicated to police officers who work with service dogs. The magazine provides timely features, columns, and departments written by experienced K-9 trainers, lawyers, veterinarians and law-enforcement officers.

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Author Jeff Schettler discusses the finer points and techniques of scent trailing
Real-world scenarios teach bomb dogs to sniff out secondary explosive devices
Author Jerry Hunter details the methods and importance of giving K-9 announcements
All too often, casual use of terms or casual testimony during a motion to suppress has led police K-9 officers into this troubling area
Treating your job like a business is what makes a K-9 unit great
The most frequent intoxication seen by emergency room veterinarians is in dogs that have eaten rodenticides
Six percent of canine emergencies in the U.S. are accidental poisonings
Training a dog without understanding what affects his behavior will greatly reduce your likelihood of success
As the crime trends across the country grow more and more violent each day, it is imperative for K-9 Units to stay progressive and continually improve their training and equipment
There may be times when we can use the dog’s desire to play to accomplish a task or help solve problems we may encounter in bite work