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Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret.)

Developing Better Training

Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret) is a twenty-five year veteran law enforcement officer. Dillon retired from the Wethersfield (Conn.) Police Department — a suburb of the state’s capitol of Hartford — after serving as the Detective Bureau Commander. Lieutenant Dillon also has commanded the department’s patrol division and served as training supervisor. As a SWAT team member since 1993, he served as an Operator, Team Leader and Commander of the regional thirty-five member SWAT team (Capitol Region Emergency Services Team.) and remains a consultant with the team. Lieutenant Dillon is a National Academy graduate of the F.B.I. session 223. He has also received certification from Force Science Institute in Analysis in Use of Force incidents. Dillon developed and teaches the L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Combat System, a comprehensive fighting approach based on gross motor skill concepts that reduce injuries to citizens and police officers. L.O.C.K.U.P. teaches empty-hand maneuvers (Defensive Tactics) that can be deployed effectively during violent physical encounters and adapts the fighting maneuvers to the officer’s physical and physiological changes to maximize effectiveness.

How can we legitimize any specific training if we cannot support its effectiveness with evidence of success