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Defensive Tactics

A guide to proven control tactics, less lawsuits and building community trust through martial arts
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Competitions provide good practice for high-pressure situations, yet they can lead to poor tactical decisions on patrol when competitive strategies are misapplied
Exploring the unique considerations when coaching BJJ to law enforcement personnel, focusing on weapon retention, transitioning to cuffing and strategic disengagement
Police1 columnist Duane Wolfe discusses how officers can effectively utilize a leg kick against an assailant
How to make weapon retention drills as realistic as possible
In this video tactical tip, Police1 Contributor Duane Wolfe demonstrates how you can transition from one technique to another when a subject is resisting
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With the benefit of hindsight, I can share that my physical training regimen allowed me to retire physically, legally and emotionally undefeated after a career full of challenges
Uncover the power of accurate skill evaluation to safeguard true competency and minimize risks
AUFIRE’s approach uses 66 volts of electrical muscle stimulation conducted through sleeves to contract arm muscles and simulate the incapacitation effects of gunshot wounds to limbs
Better performance under pressure requires an updated training experience
Preparing for an all-options response to a multiple-person attack requires a commitment to training beyond the sporadic defensive tactics sessions