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At LensLock, it is our mission to make the lives of law enforcement officers better and safer every day. To do this, we deliver innovative, cost-effective, camera-based technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies.

These easy-to-use, dependable solutions capture, store, and manage video recordings of law enforcement officers’ on-duty encounters. The solutions are supported with state-of-the-art docking stations, an evidence management system, accessories, and best-in-class customer service. Our body-worn and in-car cameras are fully integrated to create a multi-dimensional view of every encounter. LensLock solutions also include a true unlimited data plan, so you will never receive surprise overage charges.

Your evidentiary data, whether still images, video, audio, or documents, is securely stored on the CJIS-FBI compliant cloud storage offered by the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Only US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated cloud that is operated by screened US citizens. With LensLock, you will know exactly how much your solution costs. There are no financial surprises ― EVER. Our straight forward per officer, per year pricing makes it easy to know exactly what you get at exactly what cost.

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