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We cannot effectively de-escalate a situation if we cannot de-escalate ourselves
How an ancient tool inspired today’s non-lethal, non-contact restraint BolaWrap
Amid the threat posed by a man armed with a Katana, officers demonstrate exceptional de-escalation skills
Former Officer Danny Golden was paralyzed after being shot in the spine during a bar fight while allegedly trying to de-escalate the situation
“Due to the outstanding job by our officers, a very dangerous situation was controlled and no one was hurt,” the Sterling Heights Police Department stated. “Furthermore, the subject obtained much-needed treatment at the hospital”
Hear directly from those at the helm of these critical operations, as they share their challenges, successes and vision for the future of crisis intervention
Jamie Borden discusses how de-escalation is not just a tactic but a goal, achieved through a range of tactical endeavors based on the dynamic circumstances officers face
De-escalation is safe and realistic only under specific conditions
Dash camera video supplied by the driver appears to show the Meriden Police Officer get out of his car, threaten the driver with a ticket and hit him in the face
Bob Paul transitioned from a sailor to gold miner, then to a respected lawman; learn how his determined efforts bring peace and justice to a chaotic frontier
The Lincoln partnership will allow dispatchers to directly connect 911 callers going through a mental health crisis to the 988 call center
A legal and practical perspective
The program requires officers to learn about emotional regulation and basic brain science, using video-based learning to explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions
Here’s how you can be more prepared
Gain a comprehensive overview of the current state of research on de-escalation tactics and techniques, and how this research informs training in law enforcement
Officer Jacob Smith spoke to the teen for more than 35 minutes, gradually persuading him to climb over barriers and back to the safety of the road
New package unveiled to ease civil unrest as departments around the world demand innovative technology
The V-XR offers three modes: Educate, experience and engage; each mode delivers transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training
A series of community focused initiatives will focus on bridging the gap between policing, technology and mental health
Training, tactics and tools give officers options for resolving potential conflict without contact
Chief Joseph Cecile recorded videos of himself to build trust with the suspect; the videos were texted to the suspect and hours later, the standoff was over
“Whatever happened today, it can be fixed. Don’t pull the trigger,” a deputy said as he calmly spoke to the teen who was pointing a gun at his head
Right now, a very dangerous person is preparing for the day they meet you. Are you preparing for them?
Strategies for law enforcement officers to improve their interpersonal skills
When your words fail, you must be prepared to physically prevail
Long used across various high-risk industries, simulation training now prepares law enforcement officers to meet today’s challenges
Duty-to-intervene training isn’t just good policy, it’s better for officer well-being
Understanding the impact of recent changes in California law