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Sequim Police Department Announces New Partnership with LensLock Body-Worn Cameras

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LensLock, Inc., Law Enforcement Technology Company, Announced 5-Year Partnership with Washington Police Department


After testing 5 vendors, Sequim Police Department Chief Sheri Crain and the city council agreed to a 5-year contract with LensLock, Inc.

Each of Sequim PD’s 20 officers will receive a LensLock body-worn camera this month. Additionally,


LensLock’s in-car video cameras will be installed in all SPD vehicles to capture feeds of the front and backseat of the patrol car. This rollout for the dash cameras is expected to complete by the end of the year.

The criteria for selection of LensLock, Inc. included the cameras and software programs’ ease of use, redaction abilities, and more. Sequim gathered over one month of testing data and feedback from their officers and civilian staff.

“Part of the decision was for ease of redaction,” Crain said, as people in private and/or public spaces may need to be blurred out for various legal reasons.

Police staff said they interviewed 12 other agencies in the northwest using LensLock, Inc. and that the company’s products received good reviews. LensLock supplies police and sheriff departments on a national basis and prides itself on best-in-class customer service.

About LensLock, Inc. LensLock, Inc. is a privately held, law enforcement technology company specializing in body-worn and in-car dash cameras. As a Microsoft Azure Government Cloud partner, LensLock’s secure video cloud management solution is FBI CJIS-compliant, reliable, user-friendly, and affordable.

LensLock’s mission is to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and safer. LensLock builds innovative, cost-effective technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and delivers best-in-class service each and every day.

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