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Major event impact: How Ferguson and Dallas changed police psychology

Police1 and LSU’s 2017 “Policing in a Post-Ferguson Society” survey asked 3,346 sworn law enforcement professionals across all ranks and department sizes about the impact of major events like Ferguson and Dallas on their happiness and overall performance as law enforcers. This special report features expert analysis of the survey findings, covering critical topics like use of force, community relations and career satisfaction.

We asked street officers and supervisors to weigh in on a number of topics – from use of force to career satisfaction
P1 and LSU’s survey revealed differences in opinion among supervisors and street cops, female and male cops as well as LEOs of different races
We’ve gathered key findings in three critical areas: use of force, community relations and the mental health impact of events like Ferguson and Dallas
The issue with rewarding LEOs for showing “great restraint” when it comes to UOF is that it evaluates quality of outcome, not necessarily quality of decision
A total of 3,346 responses from verified sworn LE professionals revealed data that supports two narratives that had heretofore relied heavily on anecdotal evidence