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Matthew Rowles

Matthew Rowles is a 24-year law enforcement veteran presently serving as a detective sergeant for a municipal police department in Pennsylvania. Matt served five years as a patrol officer, 14 years as a detective and is in his third year as a detective sergeant.

Matt is trained in all the traditional investigative procedures and techniques, with an expertise in the use of technology to advance challenging criminal investigations. In 2008, after recognizing the evolving shift in investigative practice, with the use of cell phones and similar electronic devices, he began training and obtained certification in mobile phone forensics and technology.

Matt holds an AS in Administration of Justice, and will graduate with a BS in Criminal Justice Forensics in May 2024. He is currently duel enrolled in a MA Homeland Security and Emergency Management program. Matt is certified as a Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO), Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA), Gray Key Operator and class “A” certified to utilize electronic surveillance equipment. Matt is a court recognized expert in mobile phone technology and forensics. Contact him here.

Exploring how everyday mobile technology empowers law enforcement with tools to track, investigate and solve crimes through detailed call records and location data