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Matthew Stegner

Matthew Stegner is a retired Senior Investigator with the New York State Police, bringing decades of experience and a deep commitment to victim-centered investigations. His journey began when he honed his skills as a trained forensic interviewer, dedicating his efforts to supporting abused children in western New York. The trajectory of Matthew’s career evolved significantly when he took on a pivotal role in the Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit. Here, he extended his impact to the college population, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to ensuring justice for survivors. His professional journey reached its pinnacle as a field supervisor for the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce in Erie County, New York. Recognized for his expertise, Matthew played a crucial role in designing trauma-informed training for the New York State Police. His passion for education and advocacy led him to become a sought-after speaker, presenting at numerous seminars and conferences. Matthew holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Albany, a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. He further contributes to the field as a master instructor for the Division of Criminal Justice Services in New York State.

By embracing trauma-informed practices, understanding our criminal justice role, staying proactive and leading by example, we can chart a brighter future for law enforcement
Supervisors who rigidly adhere to traditional methods create a discouraging environment for those seeking to modernize and humanize the profession