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Gear and accessories for your public safety sidekick

Show your pet’s public safety pride with these pet sweaters, tags and costumes

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Editor’s Note: With Amazon Pet Day, the sky’s the limit when it comes to showing off your pet. Whether you’re looking for a simple accessory to signal your public safety pride or on the hunt for the perfect cop costume for your German shepherd, you’ll never find more variety and budget-friendly choices in one place than you will this May 7-8 on Amazon.

By Police1 Staff

Pets are unsung heroes for public safety professionals, providing cheerful companionship and boundless energy that keeps their humans active and heartened. These furry friends aren’t just adorable; they’re partners in stress relief, eager to play or go for a jog after a taxing shift. Dogs especially step up as protectors, their keen senses offering an additional sense of security. No matter the pet, they all inject a burst of joy and loyalty into the lives of those who serve to keep us safe.

Your pup or feline friend is surely proud of their first responder parent, so why not show the world how proud you are to have them as a sidekick? Whether Champ is sporting a firefighter’s hat or a doggy officer vest, he’s sure to wow the neighborhood with his pawfessional uniform. Public safety heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from Corgi to Siamese, Black Lab to Golden Retriever.

Check out our roundup below for the best pet products for public safety professionals.

Thin Red Line pet harness

Reflect your pet’s firefighter pride with this adjustable pet vest for your companion. Reflective and easy to put on and take off, this vest will protect your pet during training and walking.

EMS Star of Life EMT pet hoodie

Need medical assistance? Call your local fur-medic for treatment today! This stylish and comfortable pet sweater will show everyone around town your EMS pride. Why not pick up one of these cozy sweaters to keep your animal companion warm while he makes the neighborhood rounds?

Public safety flag pet tag

Answer the call of duty and ensure your pet’s safety with this public safety pet tag, a bone-shaped badge of honor for your brave buddy. This durable tag can be personalized with your pet’s name and your contact number, thanks to the magic of 3D printing. With its blend of police, firefighter and EMS symbols, this pet ID tag is not only a stylish addition to your fur hero’s collar but also a salute to the everyday public servants.

Firefighter helmet, axe bandana

This versatile accessory, designed for pets of all sizes, from dainty dogs to cuddly cats, wraps your companion in a heroic ensemble with its bold and playful firefighting motif. Whether it’s for a photo shoot or just a day out in the park, your pet will be donning a tribute to firefighters with this charming and comfortable triangle bib scarf.

Rubies Paw Patrol Marshall pet costume

Get your tail-wagging pal ready for action with the Paw Patrol Marshall pet costume, perfect for pet owners who admire our real-life first responders. This adorable costume transforms your pooch into the beloved Dalmatian fire pup complete with a firefighter helmet and jacket. Not only will your furry friend be the center of attention at any gathering, they’ll also pay a playful tribute to the firefighting community!