4 critical success factors for obtaining grant funding

The more work you put into preparing your department for funding, the more likely you will be awarded

Last month we examined 7 key steps to determine your agency’s grant eligibility and covered the required elements and statutory rules for determining your department’s eligibility for a grant. 

In addition to legal and required eligibly, there are additional conditions and requirements for determining your capacity as an organization. It is up to each applicant to ensure that they are ready and able to apply for funding.

Funders require strong capacity and demonstrated leadership approaches in the administration and management within the department. Capacity includes planning, policies and other dimensions to be developed prior to developing a grant project or program. The following details are critical for  successful funding.

1. Careful Planning: No department should be without a sound, active, strategic plan for their department. This plan needs to address current criminal data, specific, up-to-date policing strategies related to the data, successful and demonstrated program and project outcomes, a defined fund development and budgeting plan and skilled personnel.

2. Eliminate Barriers: Take a hard look at your internal policies and procedures for acquisition and disposition of equipment and technology. Ensure that your municipal ordinances are aligned with your grant funding needs. Keep a close eye on civil liberties, legal issues, standards and “right-to know” challenges witch may impede effective tools for crime mapping technology. Review your public/private/nonprofit partnerships for compatibility with needed funding.

3. Get the Right Numbers: Each grant will require the aggregation of different data. Ensure that your department has the access and identifies the correct parameters. Review the data carefully to make sure it fits within the grant requirement s. If your department does not meet the data criteria, you are not eligible for the grant, gathering the right data also eliminates the “wants syndrome.” Funders are no going to award a grant because the department wants certain equipment or tools etc., you must prove your case.

4. Be in Alignment: Most grants require that you attach your strategic plan to the application. Your plan must also be in alignment with your state strategic plan for law enforcement. Contact your State Administering Agency to locate a copy of your state plan. You must also be in alignment with the Department of Justice’s strategic plan and best practices. Go to www.bja.gov for these documents, research and training.

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