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Trending Topics: When a cop’s final act saves lives

By Police1 Staff

After a Wisconsin trooper’s final act of bravery got high praise and attention from our readers, we decided to highlight some of the countless stories of police officers making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the innocent. Take a look:

Wis. trooper killed ambusher before dying

Mortally wounded, the officer killed suspect with just one shot.

Mayor: Philly officer slain at Game Stop saved at least 6

Philadelphia mayor said Officer Robert Wilson is a true American and hero for his incredible final act.

Retired NY detective drowns saving boy in Puerto Rico

44-year-old Jose Rosario was vacationing with his family when he saw the boy struggling in rough waters.

Actions of cop killed NH shooting saved many lives

“Nothing that he did, not only was it not wrong, it was exemplary. It would have been four other people standing there, taking fire.”

Fallen K-9 and handler had ‘bond like no other’

“If this dog didn’t take the brunt of what he took from the guy, I’m pretty sure his handler wouldn’t be with us today.”