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Video: Cops rescue horse from barn fire

The horse refused to move as the flames grew higher

By Suzie Ziegler

HILLTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A pair of cops in Pennsylvania put their horse whispering skills to the test earlier this month after they helped rescue a frightened animal from a barn fire.

Bodycam video released by the Hilltown Township Police Department shows officers rescuing the horse moments before the roof is consumed by flames.

According to the agency, officers were responding to the fire the morning of July 23 when they learned there was still one animal left inside. Video shows the horse standing in its stall, apparently too frightened to move. The stall is open and right next to the exit, but a bale of hay has caught fire right in front of the horse.

One officer tries to push the animal from behind, but it refuses to move. A woman outside the barn frantically tells the officer where to find a rope, which he places around the horse’s neck. He’s joined by a second officer who tries to help him pull, but still the horse digs in.

The woman gets in the stall behind the horse to push while the two officers continue to pull with the rope. Finally, the horse runs out of the barn, forcing the officers to jump out of the way.

Moments later, video shows the whole roof of the barn is engulfed. According to the department, eight people sustained injuries related to the fire. Both officers also received minor injuries.