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Animal control

Court rules that the behavior of the dog, and the subject’s failure to control the dog, could lead a reasonable officer to perceive the dog as an imminent threat
In some situations, we have time to make a formal plan
Quality of life degrades with unenforced animal cruelty protections
Boulder Police Department officers shot the dog as it ran toward them after repeatedly going after its owner
“It took deputies and cowboys nearly two hours to contain the bull, but not before it charged both people and vehicles,” the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office stated
“No beavers or officers were injured,” a spokesperson for the Bartlett Police Department said
Police officers eventually cornered the animal in a fenced lot about 3 miles away from the Newark Penn Station
The department is in the process of searching for “host families” to keep cat deputies across the city
Police say the lemur has been connected with a local wildlife rescue agency where it will be “well cared for and loved”
Officer Stephen Burres has handled about 50 snakes during his tenure with the department
“Kannapolis Police Department urges everyone to be careful when giving rides to strangers, especially the slithery kind,” the department said