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Animal control

Court rules that the behavior of the dog, and the subject’s failure to control the dog, could lead a reasonable officer to perceive the dog as an imminent threat
In some situations, we have time to make a formal plan
Quality of life degrades with unenforced animal cruelty protections
“They just kept running away, so I went to the stable and grabbed some horse food,” said Officer Arthur Joseph. “I started shaking it and they came to me”
Video captured the moment Officer Cooper dove and captured the pig, who had been on the run for about a week
Retired police lieutenant and dog training innovator Garret Wing sheds light on the dark world of illegal dog fighting and its ties to other criminal enterprises
Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey, Mississippi, Florida and New York helped the ASPCA rescue the animals
A bee removal expert transferred the queen bee to a portable hive and gently vacuumed the rest of the workers, leaving the helicopter bee-free
NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick’s statement, “The rats are eating our marijuana; they’re all high,” has led to international news coverage and a t-shirt
Rodents have infested police headquarters, scattering feces across desks and feasting on narcotics in the department’s evidence room
“Alright, we got a big a** raccoon in here,” one officer said to the others. “Easy partner, you’re going to be OK,” he told the raccoon
“It’s great to see true teamwork with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department working to make the city of New Orleans safe,” Gov. Jeff Landry stated
Boulder Police Department officers shot the dog as it ran toward them after repeatedly going after its owner
“It took deputies and cowboys nearly two hours to contain the bull, but not before it charged both people and vehicles,” the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office stated
“No beavers or officers were injured,” a spokesperson for the Bartlett Police Department said
Police officers eventually cornered the animal in a fenced lot about 3 miles away from the Newark Penn Station
The department is in the process of searching for “host families” to keep cat deputies across the city
Police say the lemur has been connected with a local wildlife rescue agency where it will be “well cared for and loved”
Officer Stephen Burres has handled about 50 snakes during his tenure with the department
“Kannapolis Police Department urges everyone to be careful when giving rides to strangers, especially the slithery kind,” the department said
The dogs were confined to crates in the truck’s separate cargo area; the driver pulled over after the dogs’ barking alerted him to their distress
Video from the department shows the goats dispersed throughout the neighborhood, grazing on yards and walking in the street
The horse was found grazing on some grass; officer Nicholas Moreno got in the saddle and rode the horse back to its owner
The dog that killed Marion County Deputy Tamieka White and bit her son also attacked an Indianapolis officer before being fatally shot
You never know what you will be called to do
“OK folks we need some help captioning this one,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote of a photo of Deputy Robert Santiago holding a rope tied to the gator
While police removed a 4-foot boa from an North Carolina home, Florida officers relocated a poisonous rattlesnake hiding on a resident’s property
The snake was able to escape its enclosure and into a suburban area
Snipers lined up to protect divers who were rescuing the occupants of a submerged car