Video: Tenn. officer saves 1-year-old's life after child stopped breathing

Officer Robert Baer performed CPR on the child on the hood of his cruiser, saving the 1-year-old child

By Joanna Putman

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A Murfreesboro officer is credited with saving a child’s life after performing CPR on a 1-year-old who stopped breathing, News Channel 5 reports.

When the child stopped breathing, the child’s parents called 911 and started driving to a nearby hospital. Officer Robert Baer just happened to be in the area.

Body camera footage shows baby Zaire’s father hand him to Officer Robert Baer. Baer began to perform CPR on the child on the hood of his patrol car.

"I’m thinking, I have a three-year-old at home, that’s what I’m thinking about. You know, as I’m doing it. Don’t be the one to let this kid die," said Baer in an interview with NewsChannel 5.

Baer continued CPR compressions until Zaire started to breathe again.

After the rescue, Baer was able to visit with the family, who invited him to stay in touch.

"Mom told me don’t be a stranger, making sure I come around and checking on him, so. I’m sure I will continue to do that."


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