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Despite being positioned to make an impact on emergency cardiac survival rates, LE remains an under-utilized component of the chain of survival
In the struggle to physically control a person, officers must not erroneously mistake unconsciousness for compliance
This month, we asked our readers a series of questions about the medical gear they carry, the training they’ve received and the lifesaving measures they’ve taken on the job
“Having experienced something like this less than six months on the force is definitely something I’m proud of, and again, I just thank God I was able to perform in the moment,” Officer Soren Osicka said
“You hear that all the time, ‘Hey you helped me out, you saved me’ … but this is one of those few times, had they physically not been there, I’d be dead,” Officer Dean Alexander said
Greg Yurcevich, 56, is part of the rare 15% of people who survived an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with positive neurological health, experts say
“I would just like to say thank you to this young woman, of course, and all the officers involved. I’m really grateful to be alive,” the man said
The girl was unconscious and not breathing when officers arrived on the scene; they administered CPR and got the child to start to breathing on her own
Officer Robert Baer performed CPR on the child on the hood of his cruiser, saving the 1-year-old child
After the officers performed CPR, body-worn camera video shows the woman coughing up water and asking for her name
A nearby sheriff’s deputy was notified about a girl who was under water; the deputy jumped in to pull the girl out and performed CPR on the child