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Officers rescue colleague after he went into cardiac arrest 4 times

“You hear that all the time, ‘Hey you helped me out, you saved me’ … but this is one of those few times, had they physically not been there, I’d be dead,” Officer Dean Alexander said

By Joanna Putman

ST. LOUIS — An officer tells the story of the day he nearly died four times – a story that showcases the teamwork and “brotherhood” that comes with working as a law enforcement officer, KMOV reported.

Dean Alexander, 55, spent 27 years with the St. Charles City Police Department and 18 years with the county’s SWAT team. After retiring, he decided to work part-time with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs police department, according to the report.

To work for the department, Alexander had to complete a short physical fitness test at Christian High School. He finished the test with no issues, he told reporters.

After completing the test, Alexander went to speak with some friends from law enforcement. He spoke with them for about 30 minutes, he said, before turning to leave.

“When I started walking away, it felt like I had gotten up too fast, that light-headed feeling,” Alexander said.

Alexander’s friend, Lt. Pat Sykes, said within moments of him walking away, he heard him fall and hit the fence.

“I turned to look and honestly thought he passed out; Dean fainted,” Sykes said. “I immediately ran over to Dean and realized he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse.”

Officers took turns doing CPR and using the A.E.D. until paramedics with St. Charles County Ambulance District arrived, according to the report.

“I think we lost him at least once before the medics got there,” Sykes said. “I remember three times specifically, where the third time was what really got me and I thought, ‘I don’t know if we’re going to get him back this time.’

After the fourth shock when the ambulance arrived, Alexander was awake as he was transported to the hospital. He had suffered a “widow maker” heart attack from the complete blockage of the heart’s biggest artery, according to the report.

“I can’t stop saying thank you, [my fellow officers] literally saved my life,” Alexander said. “You hear that all the time, ‘Hey you helped me out, you saved me, you hooked a brother up, blah blah blah,’ but this is one of those few times, had they physically not been there, I’d be dead.”

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