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10 law enforcement challenges solved by Wrap Intrensic BWC and DEM

This innovative body-worn camera and digital evidence collection and management solution enhances law enforcement capabilities

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Wrap Intrensic’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS) and other cloud-based systems, enhancing department productivity.


In the intricate landscape of law enforcement, managing digital evidence with precision and security is crucial. Wrap Intrensic’s innovative body-worn camera (BWC) and digital evidence management (DEM) solution address these needs, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances law enforcement capabilities.

Here are 10 law enforcement challenges solved by Wrap Intrensic BWC and DEM:

Challenge 1: Traditional evidence management methods are slow and lack transparency.

Solution: Wrap Intrensic’s BWC and DEM systems play a crucial role in capturing, storing and managing digital evidence like BWC video, audio recordings, and more than 35 various file types critical for criminal investigations and maintaining transparency in public interactions. Its cutting-edge technology facilitates quick capture, safe handling, secure storage and seamless tracking of evidence. This approach ensures that law enforcement agencies can maintain integrity and transparency in their operations.

Challenge 2: Inadequate evidence capture can lead to biased law enforcement actions.

Solution: The power of Wrap Intrensic’s body-worn camera technology lies in its ability to seamlessly capture real-time video. Officers can take photo snapshots without disrupting video and audio recording, and capture audio-only evidence when necessary. This versatility provides an impartial perspective, strengthening cases and contributing to impartial outcomes in the criminal justice system.


The Wrap Intrensic system offers secure and swift mobile cloud uploading and retrieval.


Challenge 3: Traditional systems struggle with managing large volumes of digital evidence.

Solution: The Evidence on Cloud platform allows rapid evidence upload via a wireless charge and sync cradle, ensuring quick access to files and expediting legal proceedings. Unlike other systems, our sync cable can connect to mobile data terminals, allowing for charging and syncing in-car. Its user-friendly interface simplifies operations without needing extra training or infrastructure. The Evidence on Cloud platform also allows for the addition, consolidation, and meticulous management of digital files in more than 35 various formats. This efficiency enhances the capability of law enforcement agencies to manage their digital evidence effectively.

Challenge 4: Security breaches and unauthorized access can compromise legal cases.

Solution: The Wrap Intrensic system offers secure and swift mobile cloud uploading and retrieval, allowing law enforcement agencies to regulate evidence file access and permissions. Evidence on Cloud maintains integrity through heightened visibility, improved transparency, and controlled access, supported by audit trails for both evidence and users. This feature is crucial in preserving the admissibility and integrity of evidence in legal proceedings.

Challenge 5: Integrating new technologies into existing systems can be challenging.

Solution: Wrap Intrensic’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS) and other cloud-based systems, enhancing department productivity. This user-friendly, Windows-based system requires no specialized equipment, staff, or technological adaptations, offering rapid, effective, and secure evidence management.

Challenge 6: The need for robust, versatile technology for varying field conditions.

Solution: The Wrap Intrensic X2 body camera offers high-resolution video and lifelike photo capture, along with an impressive 14-hour battery life, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in diverse operational environments. Users appreciate the ease of evidence capture, including uninterrupted photo snapshots and the ownership of their data. Its exceptional build quality, damage resistance and long battery life make it reliable in the field.

Challenge 7: Incompatibility with existing technologies and non-compliance with data protection laws.

Solution: Wrap’s Digital Evidence Platform streamlines the body-worn camera program, eliminating manual coding and processing needs, ensuring compatibility and compliance with data protection standards. The software is compatible with other technologies used in law enforcement, improving efficiency and data management. The security of video and digital evidence is paramount, and the system’s compliance with data protection laws ensures the integrity of legal cases. With unlimited cloud storage, law enforcement agencies no longer face constraints in managing their digital evidence.

Challenge 8: Adapting to new technologies can impact productivity.

Solution: Wrap Intrensic provides comprehensive training and customer support, ensuring that law enforcement personnel can quickly adapt to and efficiently use the system. This support is essential for agencies to realize the full potential of the technology and improve their overall productivity.

Challenge 9: Time-consuming manual redaction of video.

Solution: Wrap Intrensic’s solutions contain features that focus on leveraging AI to streamline and elevate the video and evidence management capabilities of its solutions. These key AI functionalities include AI Video Redaction, which can automatically detect and redact people, faces, screens, and license plates. These features streamline the workflows of law enforcement agencies and improve efficiency, as well as contribute to greater transparency and accountability in policing.

Challenge 10: Hidden fees and lack of pricing transparency

Solution: Wrap Intrensic’s Evidence on Cloud solution pricing is all-inclusive for any department’s needs. Unlimited Cloud storage truly means unlimited, with no hidden fees, charges, or storage limitations. Cloud services are billed on a per-camera user basis, meaning there are no additional charges for any other authorized users inside and outside of the department to access video, audio and other digital evidence.


The Wrap Intrensic body-worn camera and digital evidence management system represent a significant advancement in law enforcement technology. By offering a comprehensive, secure and efficient solution for evidence management, it empowers law enforcement agencies to operate more effectively and transparently. This innovation is not just a tool but a game changer in the pursuit of justice and public trust.