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Wrap unveils cutting-edge AI functionality for Wrap Intrensic body-worn camera solution

AI functionalities include AI Video Redaction, Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video, AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search, and AI Video Content Review

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New features leverage AI to streamline the video and evidence management capabilities of the Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution.

WRAP Technologies, Inc.


TEMPE, Ariz. — Wrap Technologies, Inc., a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, today announced the release of new groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities for their Wrap Intrensic Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Solution and Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) platform. Additional features will launch throughout the first half of 2024. These significant advancements reinforce Wrap Technologies’ commitment to providing state-of-the-art tools for law enforcement professionals that enhance transparency, efficiency, safety, and accountability.

The new features focus on leveraging AI to streamline and elevate the video and evidence management capabilities of the Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution. These key AI functionalities include AI Video Redaction, Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video, AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search, and AI Video Content Review.

Artificial Intelligence Video Redaction: This feature is designed to enhance privacy and compliance. This functionality allows users to automatically identify and redact sensitive information within recorded video footage. With this advanced capability, law enforcement agencies can protect the privacy of individuals and adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring a responsible and ethical use of video data.

Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video: This powerful AI-driven transcription feature automatically converts voice-captured video content into accurate, searchable text. This capability saves valuable time for law enforcement personnel and enhances the accessibility and analysis of recorded interactions. By providing a detailed and searchable transcript of audio content, the Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution ensures that critical information is easily accessible.

Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Contextual Content Search: The Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution’s new AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search feature empowers users to pinpoint specific incidents and interactions. Through advanced AI algorithms, the solution identifies and tags relevant contextual information, enabling law enforcement agencies to locate specific events within vast video databases. This capability enhances investigative processes, accelerates information retrieval, and supports more effective decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence Video Content Review: By leveraging artificial intelligence, Video Content Review is a cutting-edge feature that automates the analysis of recorded video footage. This functionality identifies patterns and critical events within the video content, providing valuable insights to law enforcement agencies, including sentiment analysis and scoring that is crucial to de-escalation while policing. The Wrap Intrensic Body-Worn Camera Solution optimizes resource allocation and allows law enforcement professionals to focus on strategic decision-making by automating the review process.

“These new AI functionalities represent a significant leap forward in the capabilities of our Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution and secures our position as a leading innovator in the DEMS industry,” said Kevin Mullins, CEO at Wrap Technologies Inc. “We believe that harnessing the power of AI will not only streamline the workflows of law enforcement agencies and improve efficiency but also contribute to greater transparency and accountability in policing.”

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Wrap Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: WRAP) is a leading global provider of advanced public safety solutions, integrating ultramodern technology, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive services to address the complex, modern day challenges facing public safety organizations around the world. Guided by a no-harm principle, Wrap is dedicated to developing groundbreaking solutions that empower public safety agencies to safeguard the communities they serve in a manner that fosters stronger relationships. Driving safer outcomes, empowering public safety and communities to move forward together.

Wrap’s BolaWrap® solution encompasses an innovative and patented hand-held remote restraint device, strategically engineered with Wrap’s no-harm guiding principle to proactively deter escalation by deploying a Kevlar® tether that safely restrains individuals from a distance. Combined with BolaWrap® training, certified by the esteemed International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), Wrap enables officers from over 900 agencies across the US and 60 countries around the world, with the expertise to effectively use BolaWrap® as an early intervention measure, mitigating potential risks and injuries, averting tragic outcomes. Saving lives with each wrap.

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Wrap Intrensic is a comprehensive, secure and efficient body worn camera and evidence collection and management solution designed with innovative technology to quickly capture, safely handle, securely store, and seamlessly track evidence, all while maintaining full transparency throughout the process. With meticulous consolidation and professional management of evidence, confidence in law enforcement and the justice system soars, fostering trust and reliability in court outcomes. Intrensic’s efficient system streamlines the entire process seamlessly, empowering all public safety providers to focus on what matters. Expediting justice with integrity.