Need beta testers for Android app that locks down phone

LETS is developing an app that allows you to lock down an Android phone so that it can't be used for anything except the functions you allow. This app is designed to be deployed in a throw phone scenario by giving the suspect a secure communication device. When the phone is locked by the app, the suspect can use the phone to make a call or send a text to the number YOU designate. They cannot use any other features like the internet browser, email, call or text friends/family.

This is ideally paired with the LETS Respond system for hostage negotiators. The app can be configured so that all calls and texts go right to your primary negotiator and are recorded. You can choose whether you want to allow the suspect to be able to call you, text you, or both.

The requirements to test the app is that you have an Android 7 (Nougat) or higher phone that you can do a Factory Data Reset on. In order to gain these special privileges, our app needs to be installed when the device is first provisioned.

On Android 9 and higher, it's possible to disable the power button so that the suspect cannot power off or reboot the device.

In order to participate in this test please email with your name, if you're a current LETS customer, and what phone model you have to test with. You do not need a LETS account to test the app. You can also visit for more info.

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LETS© has been helping law enforcement secure convictions while bringing everyone home safely since 2006. We are the inventor of the “Cell Phone as a Wire” technology. Our easy to use field-deployable cell phone applications have been instrumental in over half a million recordings which have been used by numerous local and U.S. attorney offices to prosecute cases. We specialize in covert cell phone applications for wire, video, phone calls, and GPS recording. All applications provide monitoring/listening capabilities. We also provide an instantly deployable negotiation system for use by first responders and negotiators for crisis. We are USA owned and operated.

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