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Tango Tango devices bring two-way radio to the smart phone age

Tango Tango allows you to communicate with your existing two-way radio network over any smartphone.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In a world where everyone and everything is connected, radio systems remain disconnected. You can communicate with a thermostat, a lightbulb, even a refrigerator from a smartphone, but not your radio system. Tango Tango changes that.

Tango Tango Quick Guide on Vimeo.

Tango Tango brings your two-way radio system today onto your smartphone in a way that is quick to setup, affordable, and secure. You don’t need to purchase a piece of equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t need to wait months for installation. You can be up in running in days, not months, and you can even experience a full trial before you buy.

At Tango Tango, we believe that push-to-talk communication should be more flexible, interoperable, and offer more modern features to public safety. Our app not only allows you to communicate with your two-way radio network, but, also offers:

  • GPS tracking of other app users
  • Private off-radio talk groups ideal for command staff, narcotics, or other tactical situations
  • Build your own talk group “on the fly” from inside the app as needed
  • Private one-on-one push-to-talk as needed
  • Group text messaging - send a text or image to an entire group of hundreds of app users with just one tap from inside the app. Ideal for blasting out a photo of a suspect, AMBER alert, severe weather briefing, etc.
  • Our high priority “broadcast” group allows a high-ranking user in a department to reach all department users at once, pre-empting their two-way traffic for an emergency message
  • We take care of all the details so you don’t have to.
    • No expensive hardware to purchase, manage, and maintain
    • No internet connections to pay for - you don’t need to worry about adding leased lines, fiber, cellular or point-to-point backhauls, we handle all the connectivity
    • No need to poke a hole in your firewall
    • No surprise “service calls” or “upgrades”
    • No hidden fees, ever

For one, flat, monthly cost, we handle everything so you can focus on what you do best - making your community a safer place. To learn more about Tango Tango, visit our website, or contact us directly at or 1-888-826-4607.

About Tango Tango
Tango Tango uses smartphones to improve private two-way radio networks, with better service quality and features, for a fraction of the cost. Tango Tango is taking the innovation, simplicity, and interoperability of smartphone technology and applying it to the way we approach two-way radio communication. Drawing from decades of experience in mobile communications, Tango devices can augment your existing system and provide broader coverage.