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The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis.

No one can claim policework is boring for the men and women working patrol
These stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter
Laughing in a tough situation releases feel-good brain chemicals that help alleviate stress; however, problems arise when not everyone is on the joke
“Once we were able to determine it was unloaded, we secured it,” a detective said. “And then we searched the rest of the vehicle to make sure there were no explosives or rockets, or anything crazy like that”
When the suspect was questioned, he told the officers that he stole the truck only because he had just gotten out of prison and needed a means of transportation home
“After being removed from the slide, (she) struck (a sergeant) with her elbow across the face while he attempted to restrain her,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said
The officers suffered intense symptoms after coming into contact with documentation brought to the police station; the suspect has been arrested
A bomb team from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office determined the “rusted and decayed” bomb was inert
“I’ve been doing this a long time, this is for sure a first,” said Javier Acosta, a spokesman for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
The man had previously been arrested by Las Vegas police in August 2021 after scaling the Aria on the Strip
The man surrendered after initially fleeing police in the USPS truck, but he bit an officer’s hand as he was being arrested
Officers spotted a wooden trunk covered in blankets while searching an apartment, so they opened it and found the man crouching inside
“It took deputies and cowboys nearly two hours to contain the bull, but not before it charged both people and vehicles,” the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office stated
Video shows camels walking on the highway along with zebras standing next to LEOs
“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits,” Roseville PD wrote on Facebook
Less than a half-hour after escaping custody, the suspect flagged down a passer-by to call the police so he could turn himself in
“I think six years is more than reasonable and, to be frank Mr. Rogers, six years is a miracle in this situation,” the judge stated
“I hope to never hear again about an officer faking being shot. It’s outrageous, diverts public resources and dishonors officers who put their lives on the line to protect us” D.A. Jeff Rosen stated
“This is pretty unique. Sometimes you walk into crimes in progress, but an actual robbery in progress at a convenience store is not very common,” Sgt. Angel Zuniga said
The man drove the skid-steer loader toward Lincoln Police Department cruisers, hitting one with an officer still inside, video shows
“Due to the bobcat’s injuries, the animal was docile and surrendered to the help the deputy was providing,” the Lee County Sheriff’s Office stated
“A substantial amount of padding” was chewed away — amounting to $650 in damage to the vehicle, according to Boone Police
Viral video of the police response to a mall brawl led to rumors of aliens being spotted in Miami
“It may not be the best idea to have an Uber pick you up AT the crime scene,” police advised
“No beavers or officers were injured,” a spokesperson for the Bartlett Police Department said
“It seems this ‘news’ outlet’s AI writes fiction they have no problem publishing to readers,” the Bridgeton Police Department stated
“They commit seemingly random acts of vandalism while besmirching the reputation of our local youth.”
It took about eight people, including one sergeant and two deputies, to move the 12-foot, 600-pound gator
Parent company Conagra is calling on Slim Jim’s fan base, known as the “Long Boi Gang,” to report any sightings of Fast Meat to the LAPD