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The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis.

No one can claim policework is boring for the men and women working patrol
These stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter
Laughing in a tough situation releases feel-good brain chemicals that help alleviate stress; however, problems arise when not everyone is on the joke
Columbus Police officers arrested the man and caught several loose animals outside the store
“He was also warned about our strict enforcement of warp speed on the interstate and to keep his phasers on stun-only while traveling,” the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office stated
The man was attending a block party when he “ignited a large firework device” and put the lit firework on his head, possibly to show off, Dorchester County deputies said
"[The] shift from making an arrest to preserving life is commendable…" Sheriff Chad Chronister said. " I [am] proud of our team for taking her into custody safely”
“I’m a real cop conducting an operation,” the man insisted; he then got on his phone and said he was making a “collar” for theft of service, the charge that covers fare evasion
The man stole the Paris Police chief’s cruiser, then led officers from multiple agencies on a pursuit before he crashed the cruiser and fired at officers
Groton police responded to a report of a snake slithering near an apartment entrance; the officers put the python in a container in the back seat of a cruiser where it escaped
MLB Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench thanked “Cincinnati’s finest” for a “great catch” in a Tweet featuring an autographed photo
Helicopter footage shows the bus striking multiple vehicles during the pursuit and crossing onto the wrong side of a road
A Deschutes County deputy was one of at least three people injured when a bull jumped out of the ring at the Sisters Rodeo
“Does he have any other thing that might bite me?” the Wheat Ridge Police officer can be heard saying in the video after opening a box and finding a rattlesnake
“My wife [said] ‘What’s that dog doing, standing in the middle of the road?’…and I looked and I’m like, ‘That’s a freaking kangaroo,’” a 911 caller said
“As always the case, all suspects are presumed innocent and free of static cling,” the department stated
Florida Highway Patrol and Miami-Dade Police Department officers had to jump into the lake to rescue and arrest the woman after she refused to be lifted up by a rope
The man was convicted of sex crimes in California and Arizona but faked his death to avoid offender registration; he was arrested by Pinal County Sheriff’s Office deputies
“Thankfully, the alligator was saved from traffic on the highway and those traveling the highway were saved from the gator!” the Brunswick County sheriff’s Office said
The Key West Police Department stated that the suspect drove to the college “with the specific intent of killing two individuals”
Here are some of the strangest last words before execution
“It wasn’t the typical day on the job to say the least,” Washington Township police Officer Frank Cicalese said
The CHP posted a photo of a dummy buckled into the passenger seat, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and sunglasses
An off-duty CPD officer working security at the bank arrested the suspect after he gave a teller a lengthy note which demanded up to $2,000 while also informing her he did not have a gun
Deputies were searching for the thief when they saw a person, who appeared to be a blond woman wearing oversized sunglasses, leaving a home; that person turned out to be the man suspected of the theft
The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina advised the public not to call the police over noises that may sound like “a siren, or a whine, or a roar”
Once aboard the fireboat, the man was able to drift a short distance into the Hudson River, but quickly got stuck; he leapt overboard and later emerged on a second stolen vessel
Albuquerque police bodycam video shows a dark-brown horse trotting through a parking lot behind a man in black clothing
The man climbed to the roof of a restaurant and threw bricks at buildings below before removing his shirt and climbing onto the cable