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Innovative Mount Keeps Handgun Accessible

March 2014 INNOVATIVE MOUNT KEEPS HANDGUN ACCESSIBLE PUG’s invention keeps any holster on accessory with belt clip handy MEADVILLE, PA, March 2014– Protective Utility Gear Inc.’s or PUG’s, new handgun holster mount combines convenience, versatility and affordability in a simple system that has not been seen before. Most holster mounting systems are designed specifically to replace the actual holster that gun owners wear. This problem has been solved by PUG. The PUG mount is essentially an extension of your belt, so the very holster you wear can be mounted in your vehicle, under a desk, or at home. Simply move the same holster you wear on your belt and snap it on to the PUG mount. PUG’s mount will keep your handgun and holster, or any other item in a fixed location, while offering instant access. It is made of high impact resin and it is strong enough to hold nearly any handgun in a holster. The PUG mount is engineered to precisely fit almost every belt clip available.

“The PUG mount is revolutionary because it is both simple and universal,” company co-founder Mark Zadrozny said. “Any item that uses a belt clip can be secured in any location. Our mount is affordable enough that multiple units can be purchased and installed within minutes. Protective Utility Gear is a Meadville, PA-based company that manufactures and sells the holster-based mounting system. The versatile device allows you to use it not just for guns, but virtually any device with a belt loop clip. PUG Holster Mount is design and utility patent pending and made in the USA.

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