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Coach George Rush on reimagining police officer recruitment

Can the strategies that led to Rush’s overwhelming success on the football field be replicated in the law enforcement recruitment process?

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The future of policing is in the hands of our best recruiting efforts. In a world where most careers have swift hiring procedures, why does law enforcement take up to nine months? Can we continue to rely on passive strategies like billboards to attract quality applicants?

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, sponsored by, host Jim Dudley speaks with Coach George Rush, a legend in the realm of college football with an impressive record of 326 wins, 22 conference titles, 7 state titles and 7 national championships in his 38-year career. Post-retirement, Rush has taken on a new challenge – working with the San Francisco Police Department on their recruitment efforts.

Can the strategies that led to overwhelming success on the football field be replicated in the law enforcement recruitment process? Tune in to find out as Coach Rush shares his experiences, strategies and vision for the future of police recruitment.

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Top quotes from this episode

It is just like recruiting an athlete. If you believe I am genuinely interested in your long-term welfare, then the likelihood you are attracted to my program is much greater than you are attracted to somebody else’s program.”

I had no idea police recruiting was as competitive as it is.”

In the last month, we changed our whole grooming code. But it doesn’t make you less of an officer. It means you look different, but you look like the people you are policing. So who makes a bigger impact when you are on the street? The guy with the buzzcut or a guy who looks who looks very similar to the person you are speaking to. Who is that person going to listen to?”

In the perfect world, the demographics of your department reflect the demographics of the people you are policing.”

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