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Black Hills Ammunition introduces 10mm HoneyBadger Hunting Ammunition

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Black Hills is introducing the 10mm HoneyBadger for 2022. This bullet has deep flutes designed for optimum terminal performance without reliance on hollow points. The bullet penetrates deeply, cutting through bone and muscle to get to vitals. This is important on all hunting rounds, but particularly so when you’re relying on your handgun for protection, including the possibility of bear attack.

The sharp frontal edges of the solid copper bullet enhance efficient penetration, the flutes then gather, redirect, and accelerate the tissue radially from the bullet, creating damage comparable or superior to the best hollow point.

The 10mm load provides a velocity of 1600 fps from a 5” handgun. Additionally, penetration in 10% ballistic gelatin is over 50% greater than that of hollow points while generating larger wound cavities.

If you’re relying on a 10mm pistol while trekking the wilds, the Black Hills HoneyBadger is a solid choice for your defense!