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The T-Mobile 5G network enables the deployment of advanced technology for first responders
Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale pays tribute to fallen Irmo Firefighter James Michael Muller
In this video, risk management expert Gordon Graham outlines how LE and fire can cooperate effectively on scene
Waymo said someone threw a firework inside, which set the vehicle on fire
“The Maui Police Department, in collaboration with other emergency response agencies, worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our residents, coordinate evacuations, and provide support to those in need,” the report said
“When deputies arrived, they found a dazed and bleeding male outside of the vehicle and noticed that an adult female and small child in a car seat were still trapped inside the vehicle just above water,” deputies said
“I sincerely commend the valiant efforts of these deputies in this life-threatening situation,” said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. “They acted swiftly and selflessly, preventing an even greater tragedy from occurring”
Virginia Beach officers broke the driver’s window and pulled him out of the car before it became engulfed by flames
When police arrived with a search warrant, a suspect fired at them from inside the home, shortly followed by the explosion
One of the officers was stabbed in the area of his neck and chest, the other was slashed in the head before one of them shot the assailant
The woman was waiting for a ride in the lobby of the Westborough Police Department when she intentionally set a clothing donation box on fire