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Black Hills Ammunition introduces a new Advanced Rifle Cartridge for 2023

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New for 2023- 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) 103 Gr. ELD-X®

The 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge)- Developed initially by our friends at Hornady, this cartridge was designed to provide increased performance in the M4/AR-15 platform. The M4/AR-15 is a terrific rifle. It is lightweight, accurate, reliable, and has good magazine capacity. It is arguably the most popular rifle in America and for good reason. It has defended America for over 60 years, at home and abroad. With the best 5.56mm ammunition it’s hard to beat, but the new 6mm ARC has significant advantages in the M4/AR-15.

The well known Black Hills MK262 5.56mm ammunition uses a 77 grain match projectile at 2740 fps from a 20” barrel. In comparison, the 6mm ARC pushes a 103 grain Hornady ELD-X® at 2600 fps from an 18” barrel. What does this mean? Due to the higher ballistic coefficient and weight of the 6mm ARC projectile, it beats the best 5.56mm ammunition in terms of retained energy and reduced wind drift at all ranges. The trajectory is nearly identical to 500 yards, and past that range the 6mm ARC clearly has the advantage.

Many states don’t allow the .223/5.56mm for hunting of big game. The 6mm ARC is an answer to that concern. To significantly “up-gun” from the AR-15 has previously meant going to the significantly heavier and larger AR-10 platform. The 6mm ARC is purpose built for the lighter and handier AR-15. More power, same package, what’s not to like?


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