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Ensuring optimal firearm performance in law enforcement

Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training

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When called upon to use your firearm in the line of duty, you need to know that the firearm sighting and accuracy are as reliable as possible.

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley speaks with Chris Broomell about the balance between standardizing firearms for operational efficiency and allowing individual officers the flexibility to choose their weapons. Key topics discussed include the importance of firearm sighting and accuracy, the role of test and evaluation (T&E) programs in weapon selection, and the challenges faced by smaller agencies with limited budgets in acquiring and maintaining their firearms and safety equipment.

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About our guest

Chris has 25 years in the firearms industry, with 10 years teaching law enforcement officers and military personnel in pistol and carbine, edge weapons and empty-hand combat. He’s been with Witmer Public Safety’s for the past 11 years and currently serves as Merchandising Management LE/Tactical - ATF Compliance Manager.

Memorable quotes from this episode

  • “Most of the questions we’re getting these days aren’t necessarily about the firearms themselves, but more about T&E programs that are available”
  • “Red dot optics help the officers in a lot of ways. The officer no longer has to take their visual focus off of a subject and move it to the sights, so it allows them to be more observant of what’s going on in their environment.”
  • “Agencies have a lot of access to grant monies. I’ve seen a lot of agencies find local benefactors willing to make donations for them to buy equipment.”

Key points discussed in this episode

  1. Importance of reliable firearm sighting and accuracy: Emphasizing the critical need for law enforcement officers to have absolute confidence in their weapon’s reliability and precision, especially in high-stress situations.
  2. T&E programs for equipment evaluation: The growing interest among law enforcement agencies in Test and Evaluation programs, highlighting a proactive approach to assessing and selecting the right equipment before making a purchase.
  3. Training and adaptation with red dot optics: While red dot optics are beneficial, especially for officers with vision challenges, they do not replace the need for comprehensive training and familiarization with new technologies.
  4. Funding and budgeting strategies for small agencies: Insight into how smaller law enforcement agencies can navigate budget constraints through federal grants, private donations and strategic allocation of resources.
  5. Balancing standardization and flexibility in firearm selection: The episode reveals a trend toward standardization in firearm selection among law enforcement agencies, while also recognizing the benefits of offering a range of approved options to individual officers.

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