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Alien Gear Holsters X Nightstick

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Alien Gear Holsters is proud to carry the TCM-550XL and TCM-550XLS compact weapon lights from Nightstick, a leader in the weapon light industry. The Nightstick TCM-550XL and TCM-550XLS Compact Weapon-Mounted Lights use a super-bright LED rated at 550 lumens to create a bright white beam of light rated at 136 meters. Bundle the Nightstick TCM light with a compatible Alien Gear Holster for the optimal carrying experience. Includes four handgun-specific modular rail inserts (pre-configured with C1 insert for Glock pistols), two spare Allen screws, an Allen wrench, and one CR123 Lithium battery. Shop now at Subscribe to our channel for regular content updates, announcements, tutorials, and other awesome 2A and outdoors-related videos. ******************************* Follow Alien Gear Holsters on your favorite social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: