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Action target to host LE range design and development seminar at Beech Grove Police Department

July 16-17, 2024 seminar to bring together law enforcement professionals for two-day event focused on the advancement of shooting range facilities

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Provo, Utah — Action Target Inc. (“Action Target”), the global leader in modern shooting range solutions and services, proudly announces the Law Enforcement Range Design and Development Seminar (LERDDS) in Beech Grove, IN on July 16-17th, 2024. This innovative seminar is set to bring together law enforcement professionals from across the country for a comprehensive two-day event focused on the advancement of shooting range facilities tailored specifically for law enforcement training.

Under the banner of empowering law enforcement, Action Target is dedicated to equipping participants with the insights and tools required to develop state-of-the-art training facilities. By offering unparalleled training solutions, these advanced facilities ensure that officers are proficient and confident in their abilities to uphold safety and justice.

LERDDS events promise an immersive learning environment, starting with classroom instruction led by distinguished industry experts on the first day. Attendees will dive deep into the latest design techniques, safety protocols, and technological innovations in shooting range development. The highlight of the day will be an exclusive tour of Beech Grove PD’s leading-edge shooting range, offering attendees a tangible look at the application of the day’s lessons.

The second day promises an engaging experience with live fire training sessions on the indoor range. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the capabilities of modern indoor ranges equipped with Action Target’s innovative equipment. The day’s agenda includes:

  • Low Light/No Light Training
  • Shoot/No Shoot Target Recognition (Turning Targets)
  • Engaging Moving Targets (Running Man Targets)
  • Moving and Shooting Around Vehicles on Indoor Ranges
  • Portable Target Training Scenarios

Join Us for an Unforgettable Learning Opportunity

Action Target, in collaboration with the Beech Grove Police Department, looks forward to welcoming you to an enriching seminar that promises to redefine your views of law enforcement training. Don’t miss this unique chance to enhance your department’s training capabilities and network with fellow law enforcement professionals.

Registration is now open, and interested parties are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their place as spots are limited. To learn more and register, please visit Seminars | Action Target, complete the registration form, and submit it to

About Action Target

Action Target is the leading global expert on modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, the company has partnered with thousands of range owners worldwide to design, install, and maintain world-class shooting ranges, systems, and equipment for law enforcement, military, educational, commercial, and residential markets. Action Target provides range solutions and services for indoor/outdoor shooting ranges, modular ranges, and shoot houses. Products supported include ballistic shooting stalls, smart target retrievers, reactive targets, steel and rubber berm bullet traps, enclosure baffles, security systems, lighting, ventilation, Smart Range AXISTM range control system, and a 3-year warranty on critical products. As the industry’s broadest end-to-end solution provider, Action Target offers a comprehensive selection of aftermarket range services, including parts and maintenance programs, rubber trap cleaning, metals recycling, hazardous waste and filter disposal, and an online store for range supplies.

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