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Top 10 reasons to upgrade to L-3’s Flashback HD in-car video solution

Bring High-Definition, multi-camera capability to your agency today for officer safety and evidentiary quality


This article sponsored by L-3 Mobile Vision

By Greg Bogosian
Police1 Contributor

L-3 Mobile Vision’s new Flashback HD™ system is a leap forward in police in-car video, bringing high-definition capability to their already-established and popular Flashback line of solutions. Here are a few reasons why your department should consider upgrading to the best in-car video solution available:

1. HD-Quality Video: With 1280x720 resolution, the new Nite-Watch™ HD camera allows you to see more clearly when critical details appear in its newly-widened field of view, including license plates, suspect facial features, and more.

2. Up to 5 cameras supported: With the HD camera on Channel 1 (forward-facing), you can add up to 4 additional cameras on Channel 2, with automatic activation based upon event criterion such as the Infrared Rear-Seat Camera turning on when the prisoner compartment doors are opened, or outward-facing Sony Bullet Cameras activating upon shifting the vehicle into reverse, along with other user-defined activation criterion.

3. Solid-state media storage: Up to 128 GB of data storage is available through L-3-approved Secure Digital (SD) card storage within the Flashback HD DVR in-car unit, meaning you can store more video in between uploads to the station, at better quality.

4. 802.11n upload support: Having high-speed wireless data transfer capability is important, especially when you’ve got larger video files, or simply more patrol vehicles coming in for shift change at once. With the capacity to use a Dual-Band Wireless N Access Point, as well as built-in Wireless N capability, you can rest assured that your files will automatically upload at high speed when your vehicles come back at shift change.

5. Multiple record triggers: As mentioned above, there are two user-configurable record triggers, including custom events such as a door opening, but also multiple other built-in automatic triggers, such as when the lights or siren are activated. This ensures that you get the video you need of the events most likely to require review later on.

6. Pre-Event Recording: The Flashback HD system automatically records up to 60 seconds of video which occur immediately before a recording is triggered, either manually or automatically, enhancing the evidentiary and review value of that footage by setting the stage for the events leading up to that recording trigger, and providing valuable background to complex situations.

7. Push Update Capability: With granular-level access to controlling what updates and permissions are given to each unit, technical administrators can rest easy knowing that their systems will remain up to date as soon as they connect to wireless access points upon returning to the station, and that only those updates and permissions needed by each level of staff will be maintained.

8. Easy Upgrade From Previous Flashback Systems: Upgrading for existing customers is as simple as swapping out the DVR unit for the new Flashback HD DVR, changing out the Channel 1 front-facing camera to the new Nite-Watch™ HD unit, and swapping out the Channel 1 camera cable. All other accessories from previous Flashback systems (1, 2, and 3) are compatible with the new unit, meaning you won’t need to tear apart your vehicles to maintain the same capabilities while you’re adding on new features.

9. Multiple Audio Sources: Both using the VoiceLink Plus® and other audio sources is easy to accomplish through connection with the DVR unit, so making sure you hear, as well as see, what actually happened is easier than ever.

10. Selectable Video Categories: Managing your video evidence has never been simpler, with the ability to categorize videos by incident type and other factors, so when you do need to pull or review footage later on, you won’t be searching through hours and hours of camera time to get to what you need to see.