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Tactical Electronics: NEW TE1 Monocular

The TE1 Monocular features a 1″, 720p AMOLED eyepiece that displays video from any Tactical Electronics camera. While streaming video, the TE1 Monocular can remotely adjust the selected camera’s LEDs and camera views. Stream video over Wi-Fi or over hardwire connection.

The TE1 Monocular features a rugged, locking, Tactical Accessory Port (TAP) that provides USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, and 12VDC power in. The USB and Ethernet interfaces can be used to stream video from TE Cameras or MANET radios.

This compact monitor can be mounted to a helmet using the industry standard Wilcox mount.

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  • Wireless Video: 5GHz real-time Wi-Fi video monitoring
  • Adjustable LEDs: Remote intensity control of the camera’s LEDs
  • Encrypted Video: AES encrypted Wi-Fi real-time video stream
  • Live Video: Real-time monitoring from camera source

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