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Launch of the Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent

Redefining secure portable environments

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Mission Darkness is excited to announce the release of the CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent, a pioneering product that distinctly sets itself apart in the marketplace through its innovative design and unmatched features. This tent is not just another addition to secure environments; it represents a revolutionary leap forward, specifically engineered for digital forensics and sensitive operations requiring radio frequency (RF) shielding.

What makes the CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent revolutionary?

Crafted with precision, this tent is made entirely from multiple layers of TitanRF Faraday Fabric and Tape, materials that are lab-certified for their high-shielding capabilities. It blocks a comprehensive spectrum of RF signals, including WiFi, Bluetooth, cell signals (5G), GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals from low MHz to 40GHz. Its lightweight yet robust carbon fiber frame, complemented by aluminum connectors, ensures a stable, easily transportable setup. Designed to be lightweight and simple to install, it drastically reduces the logistical burden, and with a setup time of just 10 minutes, it allows for rapid deployment.

Moreover, the tent’s design eliminates the common issue of stitched seams, which are prone to tearing and signal leakage. This design enhancement not only extends the product’s life but also maintains its high-shielding efficacy over time. The unique patent-pending RFMagLink door system, featuring a sturdy carbon fiber plated door with a magnetic seal, ensures easy access without compromising the shielding integrity.

Equipped with all the essential features for digital forensics investigations, the tent includes a shielded filter panel (including 1 x AC power, 1 x RJ45 ethernet, and 2 x USB A 2.0 filter ports, customizable for additional needs), ample space for equipment and personnel, LED lighting for clear visibility, and a ventilation system for a comfortable working environment. Additionally, an extensive range of accessories, including specialized Faraday bags, a repair kit, and a variety of cables, ensures complete functionality and security from the point of mobile device seizure to interrogation.

What sets the CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent truly apart is its affordability.

Despite offering superior features and functionality, it is priced more competitively than any similar product on the market. This combination of effective RF shielding, innovative no-seam design, user-friendly features, and cost-effectiveness makes the CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent the optimal choice for professionals in digital forensics and other fields requiring secure, RF-shielded environments.

The CYBERCYLENT Faraday Tent is not just an improvement on existing solutions; it is a leap towards a new standard of efficiency, affordability, and reliability in secure operational environments.

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