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TrueAllele helps find justice for murdered Air Force veteran

TrueAllele was able to unravel the DNA data found on a knife, linking the DNA to the suspect and another victim

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PITTSBURGH — In the case of a murdered Air Force veteran, Cybergenetics’ TrueAllele software played a crucial role. In 2020, Air Force veteran Dennis Fink, 76, was murdered in his Pennsylvania home. His body was found in the woods, stabbed multiple times. Police collected knives from a stolen vehicle. Although the State Police Crime Laboratory could process the knife DNA, they could not interpret their challenging DNA data.

But TrueAllele was able to unravel the DNA data. TrueAllele re-interpreted the data to identify the perpetrator and link him to the crime. The computer connected one knife to suspect Raphael Perez-Rodriguez and linked another to the victim. In 2022, a Cybergenetics analyst testified about the TrueAllele results. The Berks County jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree murder. Perez-Rodriguez was sentenced to life in prison, plus another 6 to 25 years.

TrueAllele accurate and objective DNA analysis helps law enforcement solve crimes. By re-interpreting “uninterpretable” data, Cybergenetics technology brings closure to cases, and delivers justice to victims and their families.

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For over 25 years, Cybergenetics TrueAllele technology has helped interpret complex DNA evidence for law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Investigators use Cybergenetics DNA computing services to solve crimes. TrueAllele unmixes “impossible” DNA mixtures to get reliable answers. Our free screening can turn a lab’s “inconclusive” DNA data into informative results. Cybergenetics has processed over 1,200 cases and provides expert testimony. TrueAllele helps deliver just verdicts and guilty pleas.

TrueAllele interprets complex DNA evidence data. The computer handles “uninterpretable” mixtures, mixed DNA of relatives, and touch DNA that is low-level or degraded. TrueAllele can compare evidence with evidence, not just with reference samples. Cybergenetics innovated TrueAllele as the world’s first accurate probabilistic genotyping system. TrueAllele mixture separation has been validated on up to 10 unknown contributors. TrueAllele solves challenging DNA from cold cases, handguns, shell casings, and other complex evidence.