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The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer is now the most widely used lie detection device in US law enforcement

Nearly 3,000 law enforcement agencies have switched to the CVSA

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The CVSA is the most widely used truth verification device in law enforcement.



LEWES, Del. — According to the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA), an organization that represents 5,200 law enforcement Computer Voice Stress Analysts, the CVSA, manufactured by NITV Federal Services, West Palm Beach, Fla., has quietly replaced the polygraph at nearly 3,000 law enforcement agencies, making it the most widely used truth verification device in law enforcement. Among the nearly 3,000 LE users are the Illinois State Police, Atlanta P.D., New Orleans P.D., California Highway Patrol, California Dept. of Justice, California Dept. of Corrections, Kansas City P.D., and the US Federal Courts Div. of Probation.

According to agencies that have made the switch, it’s due to the CVSA’s superior accuracy, low cost, and ease of use of the system. Besides the normal use in criminal and background investigations, they also cite the CVSA’s ability to analyze old taped interviews to help solve Cold Cases, such as the 37-year-old Cold Case Homicide in Coles Co., IL. The CVSA was used to analyze tape-recorded interviews of suspects in the murder of a young woman. Only one of the suspects displayed deception when he denied being involved in the murder. The detective then contacted the suspect who was now 70, and requested that he take the CVSA exam to finally clear himself. Following the exam, and after being allowed to review his own charts which clearly indicated deception, the suspect confessed to murdering the young woman 37 years ago. Without the CVSA, the murder would have never been brought to justice and the family would never have had closure. Click here to read more examples of Cold Cases solved with the CVSA.

“As an investigative and decision support tool, the CVSA has proven itself to be invaluable to law enforcement,” said Dr. Chad Jeansonne, who serves as legislative affairs director at the NACVSA.

Law enforcement interest surged following the release of a peer-reviewed, published study in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse that found the CVSA to be above 96% accurate. The study examines Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces use of the CVSA to screen suspected sex offenders and describes its effectiveness in identifying previously undetected sexual offending within the offender populations. The study found that 100% of voice stress analysis “Stress Indicated” examinations resulted in verifiable disclosures (of victims and sex crimes).

For more information on the patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer, a system that nearly 3,000 law enforcement agencies call “one of the most important investigative tools available today,” visit their Website at, call 561-798-6280, or email