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Boston PD using single-arm Vector defense shields, de-escalation tool

The ballistic shields can withstand guns, knives, needles and dogs, according to the company

vector shield

Vector Shields

By Suzie Ziegler

BOSTON — The Boston Police Department is issuing its officers a single-arm ballistic shield from manufacturer Vector Shields.

In a press release Thursday, the company described its product as a lightweight, versatile and maneuverable shield that helps protect the officer’s centerline and de-escalate violence.

“It is specially designed to protect both officer and citizen by placing a safety barrier between them, giving the officer extra seconds to assess a situation and time to transition to a less-lethal force option while protected, when possible,” the release reads in part.

According to the company, the Vector can shield against guns, knives, bats, bricks, needles and dogs.

Because the shield is small, it can be stored easily in patrol cars or on motor patrol, according to the release.

Other agencies using Vector’s product include the Massachusetts State police and the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

For information about Vector Shields, see here.